20 Children’s Books Which Should Have Never Been Published

Is The Titular Character In Front Or Behind The Policeman?

The best part of stories like this is just how completely and totally lacking in self-awareness the authors were in a certain era. There’s simply no way a book like this would be written in 2015.

It Was Candy Right? Or Cake or Something?

The only way this particular turn in the story gets awkward is if you have a pretty perverted mind. Everyone who read this thought the same exact thing though, didn’t they? Let’s hope the kids the story is aimed at didn’t make the connection.

Who Knew Turtles Lived Like Rock Stars?

Turtles sleep, that is rather obvious. What is a bit surprising is the way turtles sleep. We both want to and don’t want to sleep like this.

Apples Poop?

Look, we get this message is one that can be embraced in a number of cultures. Still, we’re not sure we needed an actual picture of a horse’s behind to explain where the poop comes from. Also, fruit doesn’t poop.