20 Cats That Need To Stop Drinking Alcohol

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These felines have had too much to drink. Well, maybe not but they definitely look as if the party got way out of hand. These hilarious photos probably sum up any drinker — we have the frat boy, the stoner, the life of the party, the bummed out co-worker, the couch potato, the complete lush, and more. A big high-five to the folks who captured these awesome moments with their adorable friends. Don’t worry, none of them were harmed while snapping these photos. We are just really glad to have them!

Cat Frat Party

I can’t tell how many fingers you’re holding up. 27 maybe?


There’s always that one friend that gets a little too drunk and becomes annoying.

Out For The Night

Can someone carry me home? Please?

Fraidy Cat

Paranoid? Who’s paranoid? I’m not paranoid. It’s just a slice of bread. There’s no harm in…..whoa…what was that?!

Best Friends

I love you bro. I love you more bro. You’re my best friend. I’m my best ….you’re my….I’m your…. best. I love you bro.

Round And Round

You spin me right round baby, right round like record baby right round….oh I think I’m gonna puke!


Aww man. What was in that? Am I dead?

Cat Bundy

Listen woman, I am trying to watch TV here. It’s bad enough I have to get up and get my own beer!

That Bites

Whoa!!! That has a kick! Wait, let me try it again.

Just One More

I had a crappy day. One more for the road okay? Guys get my coat this will only take a minute.


I’m not gonna puke. I’m not gonna puke. I’m not gonna puke.

How Long?

What? How long have I been here? Noooooooo!

A Little More

Yeah. Nice and easy. Just like that. Don’t spill it. Yeah okay great.

I Can’t Feel My Legs

Okay legs when my brain says move, you get to stepping. Okay and…….go……and…….go…..and oh whatever!

Not Impressed

Soooo you can do the limbo while doing a hand stand and chugging on a Corona? I am not impressed.

Make Me Blush

Omg….that cute guy brought me another drink! Can you believe it? He’s so sweet to keep bringing me refills like that. Oh here he comes again.

Completely Wasted

Ooooh man I am sooo wasted. I can’t remember what I was just saying. Do you have any food? Can you just put it in my mouth? I don’t think I can move. Wait…can you hear me? Am I thinking about talking again? I am soooo wasted.

I’ve Lost Control

What the heck was the concoction you gave me? I can’t feel my tongue and I can’t seem to open my eyes either. Are you even listening to me? Hello?

Photo Regrets

Noooooooooo! Don’t show those photos! I didn’t know what was…..wait. No my drink was spiked I would never do something like….nooooo! Not that one! Wait….how did I even get in that position?

Lookie Loo

Wow. These girls are all hot. Omg is she wearing a….? Okay, okay keep cool. Stay calm. Oooooh she just took that down like a champ! I think I’m in love.