20 Cartoon Characters That Rock A Better Body Than You

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It’s summer, it’s hot and the only thing you are looking at is your body in the mirror, wondering if it’s good enough to get attention at the beach. Whether you’ve just started working out to get some of the sticky fat off your body or you’ve been hitting the gym regularly for years, the truth is that some motivation never hurts. Having that in mind, we’ve decided to remind you of your childhood heroes and motivate you at the same time, by showing you the 20 cartoon characters that rock a better body than you.


Inspiring thousands upon thousands of boys to eat spinach in order to grow their muscles stronger, the otherwise funny-looking cartoon character Popye also rocks one of the best bodies to ever be drawn.


It’s hard to argue that She-Ra, being the princess of power doesn’t have one of the most alluring cartoon bodies. With a powerful character, this Amazon beauty is simply gorgeous.


Although not many people are familiar with the Thundercats cartoon, those who are know that when it comes to pure body structure and physique, Lion-O is one of the strongest cartoon characters on TV.

Wonder Woman

A true inspiration for little girls all over the world, Wonder Woman is one of coolest women superheroes of all time. Not to mention her aesthetically pleasing ripped body is simply perfect.


How can we talk about hot and ripped bodies, without mentioning Superman? Especially having in mind that Clark Kent is not from this planet, you should know that no matter how hard you try you’ll never have a body as perfect as his.


It’s not surprising that The Little Mermaid is one of the most cosplayed cartoon characters. While she is half-fish, Ariel is definitely one of the most sexy cartoon to have ever been drawn.


Training for years upon years, Batman has one of the best looking bodies and even if he strips all of his equipment off, he’ll definitely be a force to be reckoned with.

Betty Boop

A sex symbol for the ages, Betty Boop has been turning heads ever since the 1930s. Not to mention that when she first appeared, she was considered so hot that her illustrators were forced to draw her in a less enticing manner.


The portrayal of beer may not be the main character in the longest running cartoon show on TV, The Simpsons, but Duff-Man is definitely one of the best looking male characters you can admire in a cartoon.

Betty Rubble

An iconic character from The Flintstones, Betty Rubble shows that with the perfect body you can allure any man with a simple soft look in your eyes.

Captain America

Although he has achieved his ripped physique with the help of chemistry and science, Captain America definitely has a better looking body than you do and even if you train hours upon hours in the gym for years, chances are you’ll never become as ripped as him.


Remember Scooby Doo? While the iconic cartoon is mainly focused on the talking dog, we can’t help but be distracted by the extremely nice looking body of Daphne.

Jorgen Von Strangle

Although not the focus of the cartoon, Jorgen Von Strangle from Fairly Odd Parents is definitely more ripped than you, even though he’s a fairy.

Jessica Rabbit

Praised as one of the hottest cartoon characters to ever have existed, Jessica Rabbit undoubtedly has a body which you can gaze in admiration for hours.

G.I. Joe

While this character is only remembered by our younger audience due to the cinematic take of the series, the cartoon version of G.I. Joe from the recent past is definitely rocking a nice body.

Marge Simpsons

How can you compare yourself to Marge, when the wife of Homer Simpsons has even appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine. If this isn’t proof for her perfect physique, we don’t know what is.

Johnny Bravo

We can’t be doing a list of the hottest cartoon characters without mentioning Johnny Bravo. While he may have missed a few leg days, with his confidence, he’s definitely a force to be reckoned with in the looks department.


Although when she’s not sleeping, she’s wearing gown dresses that hides her perfect body, Cinderella is definitely one of Disney’s better looking cartoon characters.


Although it may be argued his real life counter part in the face of Hugh Jackman has a better body than the cartoon version, Wolverene is definitely one of the most ripped superheroes of all time.

Turgana Leela

Although she has only one eye, Turgana Leela of Futurama has one of the most aesthetically pleasing and fit bodies out of all the cartoon characters.