20 Cartoon Characters That Rock A Better Body Than You

It’s summer, it’s hot and the only thing you are looking at is your body in the mirror, wondering if it’s good enough to get attention at the beach. Whether you’ve just started working out to get some of the sticky fat off your body or you’ve been hitting the gym regularly for years, the truth is that some motivation never hurts. Having that in mind, we’ve decided to remind you of your childhood heroes and motivate you at the same time, by showing you the 20 cartoon characters that rock a better body than you.


Inspiring thousands upon thousands of boys to eat spinach in order to grow their muscles stronger, the otherwise funny-looking cartoon character Popye also rocks one of the best bodies to ever be drawn.


It’s hard to argue that She-Ra, being the princess of power doesn’t have one of the most alluring cartoon bodies. With a powerful character, this Amazon beauty is simply gorgeous.


Although not many people are familiar with the Thundercats cartoon, those who are know that when it comes to pure body structure and physique, Lion-O is one of the strongest cartoon characters on TV.

Wonder Woman

A true inspiration for little girls all over the world, Wonder Woman is one of coolest women superheroes of all time. Not to mention her aesthetically pleasing ripped body is simply perfect.