20 Bizarre And Random Deaths That Will Shock You

Through The Looking Glass

Garry Hoy was a 38-year-old lawyer working in Toronto, Canada. A well-educated man (he was previously an engineer), Hoy wanted to prove to a group of apprentices that the glass windows of the Toronto Dominion Center were unbreakable. He had done this before with other people. This time, though, the frame around the window gave way, and Hoy and the entire window pane plummeted 24 stories.


In 257 A.D., Pope Sixtus II ordained St. Lawrence as deacon, but the Pope demanded that Lawrence turn over all his goods to the church. Lawrence, though, instead gave his wealth to the poor, who he thought needed it more. The Pope, enraged, had a grill constructed over hot coals and then had Lawrence grilled alive. Lawrence, while slowly roasting, supposedly said, “Turn me over; I’m done on this side!”

The Ultimate Lawyer

Clement Vallandigham was a lawyer in Ohio. During one case, he was defending a client who had been charged with the murder of another man during a bar fight. A gun was involved, and Vallandigham tried to reenact the scene by taking a pistol and putting it in his own pocket (he was trying to show how the victim might have shot himself). The pistol, however, was loaded, and Vallandigham accidentally shot himself.

Death By Bovine Surprise

On a night in 2013, Joao Maria de Souza was asleep in bed with his wife in Caratinga, Brazil. During the middle of the night, a 3,000 lbs cow fell through the roof and landed on the man, which caused injuries that the man would later die from. The cow had escaped from a nearby ranch and had decided to climb the man’s roof, which of course couldn’t support the cow’s weight. The man’s wife had been left without a scratch.