20 Awesome British Slang Words You Need To Know


“Snog” is one of those great British words that sounds completely alien unless said by someone with a strong English accent. If you have “snogged” someone, it means that you have kissed them, or made out with them. Wet, slurpy noises apply.


If you’re out in the UK and someone describes you as being a “fitty”, count yourself lucky. If someone is really “fit”, or a “fitty”, it means that they are very attractive and of interest to the person describing them.


Unless you find yourself in fairly posh company, “butters” probably won’t come up; it just doesn’t sound right unless you speak with an accent like the Queen. However, if you do hear someone being described as “butters”, shake your head in disgust. The person is talking about someone very ugly, using a warped version of “butt ugly”.

Hair of the Dog

If you’ve been out drinking the night before and have woken up with an awful hangover, don’t be surprised if a British person offers you “hair of the dog”. The expression is used to describe an alcoholic beverage taken after a drinking binge, which reportedly alleviates a hangover. No dog hair included.