20 Animals Who Woke Up This Morning On The Wrong Side Of The Bed

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There are days in our lives when we wake up and feel ‘meh’. You wake up feeling like crap and everything seems to go wrong from the get go. Getting out of the bed can be a struggle itself, being welcomed with a bad morning can be worse. Humans aren’t the only ones who get bad mornings. Our beloved furry creatures get bad cases of blues as well! Animals can count themselves unlucky — although they are still pretty fortunate to not hold jobs and/or get married to someone. Here are 20 animals who probably had a worse morning than you!

Doggy Woes

“Worst. Hangover. Ever.”

Couch Potato

“No, I don’t wanna get out off this couch, and you can’t make me!”

Ate Too Many Seeds

It probably wasn’t a good idea for him to eat that much — how can he fit through the door now?

That’s Gonna Hurt…

In a few seconds from now, kitty will learn the hard way that cacti is not part of a cat’s diet.

Fuzzy Shape

What a furry sight!

Funny Story, Master

“So… Really funny story on how I got here…”

Shut Off The Lights!

“Shut off the lights for a bit, will ya?”

Who’s Boss Here?

Someone needs to teach the dog to grow some balls and tell the cat who’s boss around here…

They’ll Never Find Me Here

Kitty looks like the whole world has been mean to her… and she just wants to crawl up and cry.


“Stop laughing and help me get out of here!”

Is This How Our Master Chillaxes?

“Hey buddy, I don’t think this is how it’s supposed to work…”

Weekends Are Too Short

Can you please wake me up ‘when it’s weekend again?

Curiosity Killed The Cat

“Can you please stop taking pictures and help me outta here?”

Playing Around

“Next time, son, don’t play with other people’s toys!”

Look At Me, I’m A Giraffe!

Sometimes, animals want to play pretend. This one’s trying to be a giraffe.


Uggghhh, Monday again. Maybe I’ll just call in sick today.

Poor Cow

Poor thing. He just wanted to sit down and relax.

Horsing Around

The poor horse’s head is stuck after an eventful game of hide and seek…

Free Rides for Koalas

Oh my God… The poor koala just unknowingly hitched a ride.

Sniff Sniff

They did say sniffing food can help calm down your appetite.