20 Animal Memes That Show How We Feel On Mondays

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Mondays are hard on everyone, especially those of us who don’t have access to the best and funniest pictures of pets. From dealing with annoying coworkers, to being forced to do unappealing tasks, we all have our problems come Monday morning. These cats, dogs, hamsters, pigs and other animals (there’s even a donkey!) will bring a smile to your face and hopefully ease the pain of another long work week. Here’s to senseless humor and laughing out loud in the office!

When Your Alarm Goes Off

We can all relate – we’re completely at peace, sleeping serenely, when awoken by our ugly, blasting alarms. It’s almost as if over the weekend, we forget how to wake up early. Absolutely infuriating.

When You Remember Your Dance Moves From Last Night

There’s nothing better than waking up hungover at 7:00am on a Monday morning to the memory of a wild Sunday night spent dancing.

When You Have To Take A Shower

Getting out of bed was hard enough, but getting into the shower? That’s outrageous. Your warm and cozy body will hate you for it. In fact, it already does.

When You Try To Squeeze Into Old Clothing

We aren’t sure why, but Monday mornings always seem to be the times that we pull out that mini-skirt from 2 years ago, only to realize that we don’t exactly look the same as we did 2 years ago.

When You Forget How To Get Dressed For Work

Shameful as it is, there are some of us who have gone entire mornings without realizing that our shirt is on backwards or inside out. Or that our shoes don’t match. How? Blame it on a case of the Monday’s.

When You Finally Get Your Morning Coffee

You get that surge of excitement once you get your caffeine fix… “Maybe I can take on this day, maybe Monday’s aren’t so bad! In fact, I love Monday’s!” You even consider hitting the gym later.

When You Get To Work And Everyone’s In Your Face

You’re at work, you’re trying to focus, but everyone keeps talking to you, whether it be about what happened last weekend, what’s going to happen next weekend, or how far you’ve come along on your work already. You just wish everyone would shut up so that you can focus and get this day over with.

When You Remember It’s Monday

So you’ve gotten halfway through your day, and you’re beginning to feel alright. You are filled with false security, when suddenly you remember. Today is Monday. That means there are still four (and a half) days of hell between you and heaven. You take a moment of silence for your loss, and then move on with the rest of your day.

When You Try To Function

You begin to type up an email response to your boss, but find your mind drifting further and further away from anything work-related. Instead, you decide to briefly browse the internet, and you stumble upon this page of animal memes. Although slightly embarrassed, you still can’t look away.

When You Realize Your Lunch Break Was Not The End Of The Day

You see everyone getting up and gathering their things, and you automatically assume that it’s the end of the day. (After all, it has felt like over 8 hours already anyways.) You get up to get ready to go too, and then you realize that everyone is not headed to the exit, but to the lunch room. And then you remember that you’ve forgotten your lunch.

When You Want To Take A Nap

On your way to the bathroom, you notice a warm, sunny spot next to a window. You remember how your cat likes to curl up in warm, sunny spots for naps and you seriously consider doing the same thing.

When It’s Only 2:00

Lack of sleep and nutrition contribute to your bad attitude, and it only becomes worsened when the overly excited new girl asks you 50 questions, 49 of which weren’t even work-related. You wonder how hard it would be to kill someone. You wonder how much it pays to be an assassin.

When You Stop Caring About The Quality Of Your Work

You are less than 2 hours away from the end of the day and you feel as though you’ve done enough. You stop caring about finishing your work, and you stop caring about whether or not it is good quality too. You allow others to believe you’re working hard, but you’ve really just started browsing the internet again.

When You Remember You Need This Job

Your boss caught you checking your Facebook page and you recognize that he/she is not too impressed. You start to wonder whether or not your job is as secure as you think it is. You decide to go have a little chat with your boss, just to ensure that they recognize what a great employee you are.

When You Remember Again That It’s Monday, And No One Gets Laid On Monday’s

Even if you’re in a long-term relationship, whoever you’re with probably isn’t going to want to get it on after an equally frustrating, long day at their place of work. So instead of holding a grudge against them for it, just look at this little ass here instead.

When Your Boss Asks You To Stay Late

Your boss has forgiven you for your previous errors, but they now are asking you to stay late today. Probably for an absolutely ridiculous reason too. Probably just to make you mad.

When You Finally Get Outside After A Long Day’s Work

You’re finally off for the day, you walk outside and remember what fresh air smells like. Also there’s a hot dog stand right outside your work. That smells pretty good too.

When You Finally Get Home

Once you get home, you forget all of the goals you had for this evening. The gym, laundry, cleaning, cooking dinner – none of those are going to happen today. Instead, you pop some popcorn and curl up on the couch with some Netflix.

When You Remember, There’s Always Tuesday

As you drift off to sleep, you remember that tomorrow is Tuesday and you still have time to finish your projects and go over your cases. Tuesday is always better than Monday.

When You Remember….

Tuesday actually isn’t that great at all. The only good thing about it is that there’s 5 more days until Monday.