20 Adorable And Funny Photos Of Kids With Animals

There are some things in life that just melt your heart, and two of those things are kids and animals. So when these two join forces, you already know it’s a winning combination — cuteness overload with a splash of hilarity. Whether it’s a kid acting like an animal or an animal acting like a kid, it’s always funny when these moments are captured for the world to see. If you’re having a bad day, don’t worry — these images will definitely put a huge smile on your face. Here are 20 adorable and funny photos of kids with animals.

Uncomfortable Posing

I don’t know who coordinated these poses, but baby and dog are not liking it at all.

Pals Looking Out

Nothing to see here; just two super cute pals looking at nature.

Doggy Cuddle

This dog is having the most amazing dream right now, just look at his face.

Dramatic Baby

I don’t know what he’s saying to that cat, but he’s very passionate about it!