19 Strange And Unusual Homes Around The World

While many can easily agree that any structure can be called a house as long as someone or something resides within, only this list can show just how deep that idea can go. From a structure that represents where Hello Kitty could live, a gas station shaped home, an airplane shaped home or even a toilet-shaped home, here are 19 highly imaginative and outrageous structures around the world for your viewing pleasure. Get ready to say hmm.

The One Log House (Garberville, CA)

This one bedroom house owned by Art Schmock, is made from a hollowed 2000-year old redwood tree. With one helper, Art turned it into a 7×32 ft house with eight months.

The Mushroom House (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Architect Terry Brown began building The Mushroom House (also known as the Tree House) in 2002 and completed construction in 2006. It has a one bedroom with copper ceilings and a spiral staircase.

Solar House (Eastern France)

Designed as a 3-dimensional sundial, this bio-climatic solar house adjusts according to the seasons. It keeps the temperature cool in summer and warm in the winter.

The Strawberry House (Tokyo, Japan)

While not your typical residential home, let’s call this Hello Kitty’s house and hideout! The Sanrio Strawberry House in Japan has been gaining attention because of its catchy red color and the fact that Hello Kitty everything is jammed into this unique structure!