18 Hilarious Signs That Completely Failed

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Signs are all around the world. They help guide traffic, enforce rules, and answer questions. There are often times when a sign is coincidentally funny. There are other times when they are just plain questionable. People see signs like this and wonder, “What was the person who made this thinking?” “Were they sober?” “How could they not notice the error in their ways?” In some cases, people wonder whether or not these sign-makers still have their jobs!

But regardless of the reasoning behind the sign, they still cause people to laugh (and occasionally cringe). The list below contains eighteen of the funniest and strangest signs from around the world.

​Pain Bagel

I think I’ll take a chocolate croissant rather than a pain bagel to start my day off.


Hopefully the lifeguard has a different set of rules to follow.

​Gynecology Restaurant

Suddenly the hunger has disappeared!

​Exit Sign

Going through this door means taking a pretty big risk.

​Priority Seat

Babies = WIFI. According to this sign, at least.

​Left Lane

This is a classic case of drunk sign-making.


Good luck trying to start a fire with these!


Talk about mixed signals…

​No Smoking Alcohol

Most people probably weren’t planning on it, but now you mentioned it…


Probably not McDonald’s most successful way to advertise ice.

​No Stacking Chairs

This is quite possibly the world’s most ineffective sign.

​Pubic Event

Sounds like an exciting party!

​Seniors Center

Not quite what Grandma was expecting.

​Slip Carefully

If you’re going to slip, do so with grace.

Free Tacos…Yesterday

Thanks a lot, Taco Bell.

Do Not Breathe Under The Water

Studies have shown that the majority of time someone attempts to breathe underwater it doesn’t end too well. Just don’t do it!


When life gives you lemons… make orange juice.

Texting While Driving

But make sure that you text “SAFETY” to 79191 first.