17 Hot Body Instagram Fitness Gurus To Inspire You

David Kirsch

A true inspiration for guys who have passed their youth, @DavidKirsch is also a professional celebrity trainer. Having some of the best workouts on Instagram and helping you feel good on your journey to tone your body, he is a definitely a great follow choice.

Dwayne Johnson

It’s as simple as it gets. If you want to learn more about the life of a celebrity, whilst getting inspired to build the perfect body and learning more about fitness – @TheRock is the Instagram account you should definitely follow.

Jay Cardiello

Helping celebrities, such as 50 Cent, Jennifer Lopez and Sofia Vergara sculpt their hot bods, @JayCardiello is also on Instagram to help and inspire you achieve the same.

Joshua Holmes

Often overlooked by most who are searching for a great fitness coach on Instagram, because of the sheer lack of pictures of his hot body, the modest Joshua Holmes is a true inspirational gem, especially for those who are into running. Having run over 126 marathons and 26 races that were over 100 miles, @JoshuaHolmes gives amazing advice and shares amazing pics of beaches, roads and valleys, helping us motivate ourselves.