15 Things You Should Never Regret In Life

Making Out With An Ex Partner’s Best Friend

We all do stupid stuff. Sure, this is up there, but there’s no reason to let it turn into a cloud over your head. Making out with an ex’s best friend may sound like a sweet, sweet revenge – but they’re bound to talk. You may even end up on good terms with your ex, and things will get hairy when the truth comes out.

Their reaction will teach you more about them than you probably want to know. It’ll be worth it for that alone. There’s no need to regret your choices when it comes to what you do and with whom. We’re all grown ups here, right?

Quitting Someone You Love

Sometimes, love isn’t enough. Not just romantic love, but love between family and friends too. Life trundles along, no matter how hard we try to stop it.

Change doesn’t mean that love is over. It just means that you’re becoming a different person, and it’s time to say goodbye. It’s better to leave a relationship than to trap both of you inside. It’s OK to quit a good thing.