15 Stunning Examples of 3D Street Art

Round our way, street art isn’t usually much more than a crudely drawn penis on the back of some bins, so it’s always a refreshing change of pace when we see genuinely incredible art out there on the streets. Some artists are so talented that they can create images that seem to pop out of the very ground they’re drawn on, and beg passers by to interact with them. Here are some really great examples of 3D street art.

Water Great Picture

That kid doesn’t looked too convinced, but we’re pretty amazed that dolphin isn’t about to nip his hand and splash around happily, it looks so convincing! 3D street art is gaining a huge amount of popularity these days. Notable brands are already taking advantage of public’s curiosity on 3D street paintings to create awareness for their products. (Which you’ll see later in the post).

Mind the Gap

We can only imagine that waking up bleary eyed and barely aware of what’s going on around you to this scene would be quite a lot to take in. This one is called Hot River, and as you can see, pretty much the entire street was used to create this dream-like piece of surrealism. We particularly like the way they’ve managed to create a real Earth cracking effect. Mind where you park, now.