10 Celebrities Who Spouted Shocking Hate Speech

When it comes to the entertainment world, there are some celebrities that we have a preconceived notion about. There are certain celebs we just assume are not very nice people and there are others we assume are actually very good people based on their public persona. Once we think we know the personality of a particular kind of person we’re always kind of shocked when those people say or do something that is both incredibly offensive and incredibly shocking. The things that they said usually change the way the public actually perceived them, in some regards basically crippling their careers. Check out our list of 10 celebrities who spouted shocking hate speech and tell us what you think.

Giuliana Rancic

Giuliana Rancic made this list when she was talking about African American actress and singer Zendaya. On Fashion Police, Rancic didn’t really like the actress’s hair when she showed up in dreadlocks. Rancic said the hair looked like it smelled of “…patchouli oil. Or, weed.” Viewers took the comments to be racist and Rancic later had to apologize.

Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downey Jr is one of the rare people on this list who has managed to overcome some pretty horrible comments. When director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu made a comment about superhero movies creating a cultural genocide, Downey responded by saying that people whose native tongue is Spanish can’t be very bright. Downey Jr. added that people shouldn’t take what he said seriously since he himself, speaks Spanish.

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg was on The View when she decided to defend Bill Cosby against allegations that he had drugged and raped dozens of women over the last few years. This is hardly the first time she’s defended alleged rapists, once talking about college rape victims, “in my opinion, if you don’t want this kind of attention, don’t get poop faced.”

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson is someone who appears to be quite the jerk in his private life. The first of many appalling remarks began back in 2006 when he was arrested for a DUI. Gibson made some sexist remarks to one of the officers, then blamed Jews for all the wars in the world while asking the other arresting officer if he was Jewish.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has long been considered an All-American girl but when she was on a drunken rampage in a late night doughnut shop she was caught on video saying, “I hate Americans. I hate America.” She almost immediately went into damage control saying that she regretted her comments but the public hasn’t forgotten what she said.

Michael Jackson

Back in 2005, Good Morning America got its hands on a recording of the pop star complaining about his financial advisors. Apparently the singer was on a bit of an allowance and sometimes he didn’t get the amount he wanted. The recording, a phone call to a friend caught Jackson saying “they suck — they’re like leeches. The Jews do it on purpose.”

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin is generally looked at as a fun loving guy with a heart of gold. That image changed a bit when his ex-wife released a voicemail where the actor called his-then 11-year-old daughter Ireland “a rude, thoughtless little pig,” and continued to insult his daughter by saying she doesn’t have the decency to be a human being. He actually lost a custody battle because of the recording.

John Mayer

During an interview with Playboy in 2010 the singer was trying to be edgy when he answered a question about the kind of women he normally sleeps with. After he was asked whether black women throw themselves at him he said, no because his “penis is sort of like a white supremacist.” He continued saying he needed to separate himself from his penis because they want different things. The public and media didn’t find the comments funny.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton was quoted in a book as saying some rather inflammatory things about black guys. She told the author that once she walked away from a hook-up simply because the guy was black. He quotes her saying,” I can’t stand black guys. I would never touch one. It’s gross.” the author then asked her, “how black does a guy have to be?” to which she replied, “one percent was enough for her.”

Michael Richards

Shortly after Seinfeld came to an end, the actor who played Kramer seemingly had a huge career in front of him. That basically came to an end when, during a stand-up comedy performance he became enraged at a couple of hecklers and started using racial epithets in his attacks. The three minute diatribe was recorded and put on YouTube and his career was never the same again, even after a very public apology.