15 Shocking Secret Employee Rules Disney Doesn’t Want You To Know

Cast Members Must Tidy Up After Themselves

You could probably take this rule as one that treats everyone fairly. Or you could see it as a way for Disney to cut down on hiring a lot of janitorial staff. As one of the world’s strictest companies, naturally they have to have high standards when it comes to park cleanliness. Much of their reputation for being a clean resort can probably be ascertained to the fact that everyone cleans up after themselves.

And we mean everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re dressed up as Belle from Beauty And The Beast or if you’re a high executive with a taste for Cuban cigars. If you’re employed by Disney, you are responsible for picking up trash. We kind of like the democratic idea behind this, but we do have to wonder how strict they are with enforcing it. Either way, at least we know that if we ever do visit Disneyland, we’ll get to see Gaston picking up used burger wrappers.

But Do It In Style

Having said that, it isn’t enough for Disney to just expect its cast members to pick up any trash they see on their travels. They have to do it while staying in character at all times. We do have to wonder what this actually entails. According to one source, if you’re a cast member – no matter which Disney franchise you’re from – you have to be able to pick up rubbish in a “graceful swoop”.

This means Arial can’t just stop in the middle of the pathway and squat down to pick up an empty cup like she’s picking up dog crap. She has to do it with a flourish. Is it just us or does the idea of Disneyland characters picking stuff up on the ground while doing it with a song in their heart seem a little out of the ordinary? We are definitely sticking with the idea that it would be amusing to see Disney villains keeping the place neat and tidy (a fitting punishment, perhaps?)