15 Problems Only A Book Lover Will Understand

You Don’t Have Enough Space To Store Them

Your bookshelf is on the verge of collapsing. Your second bookshelf is filling up fast. You’ve begun to make furniture out of your books in order to store them. Friends think your crazy, but you don’t see the problem.

You Experience Book Hangovers

You know what a book hangover is. It is when you’ve been immersed in a fictional world for so long that when the last page has been turned, you spend your time reeling for more. You think about the characters, their lives, and how suddenly not okay you are with your own. This hangover will most likely last until you dive into your next great book.

You Often Stay Up Too Late Because Of A Book

Sleep? What’s sleep? When you’re in the middle of an epic story, you don’t need sleep. Sure, you might be falling asleep at your desk the next day, but it was so totally worth it.