15 Of The Worlds Nastiest Animals

If you have a pet of your own, whether its a cat or a dog or maybe something else, you have probably noticed some behaviors that may seem unusual or just downright disgusting. Maybe you have caught your dog enjoying a nice meal… that he had already previously eaten for dinner. Perhaps you have caught your cat urinating on the furniture, leaving behind a stench that you might find hard wipe out. Whatever your pet has done won’t even compare to these 15 animals with gross behaviors. Some of the disgusting attributes that these animals embrace may even contribute to their various ecosystems.

1. Hippo

Hippos may seem like they would be big, harmless and lazy animals however they are actually quite dangerous. They are feared in Africa as they are one of the most dangerous animals there, killing more people than any other animal. Another reason to avoid these animals is the fact that when they emerge from their mud baths they tend to ‘muck spread’ or fling a mixture of their own urine and feces at each other.

2. Giraffe


You may not know it but giraffes tend to drool a lot. Their diet of leaves from tall trees requires a little extra help for the giraffes to swallow. Their surplus saliva may act similar to a beverage that you would need if you have ever eaten something dry enough to turn your mouth into a desert. If you had an 18-inch tongue you would need excessive amounts of spit to keep your mouth properly moistened as well.