15 Of The Most Dangerous Motor Races From Around The World

We have always possessed a special place in our heart from thrills and speed as a species. Motor races have been the medium we use to express this desire to move faster than any living entity while doing so in unbelievably difficult conditions. There are numerous race tracks around the planet that are not only designed to test your love of speed but also your aptitude for quick decision-making and reflexes while placing you in precarious situations. Here is a list of 15 deadly races from across the planet that require a special breed of human being to endure.

The Isle Of Man TT

The ‘Isle of Man TT’, conducted each year on the strip of land between Britain and Ireland, is long considered by many as the most dangerous race in the world. It includes a superbike and a supercar version but fans clamour to see the bikes over the cars here. Riders reach break-neck speeds of up to 200 miles an hour while covering a large distance that takes them from sea level to nearly 1500 feet above sea level. The changes in elevation are supported by 100 minor and 75 major corners that can sometimes approach a rider within the blink of an eye.

King Of The Hammers

In what can be considered a throwback to Mad Max himself, the ‘King Of The Hammers’ is one of the most dangerous off-road motor races in the U.S. It includes a potent mixture of desert racing and rock racing to create a truly rare and intimidating race atmosphere.


Another race track that has achieved legendary status, ‘Nurburgring’ in Germany is responsible for the deaths of nearly a hundred drivers who have participated or even tried to navigate their way across the twisted circuit. The track itself has been made famous due to its use in the hit film ‘Rush’ but it remains a talking point due to one very dangerous stretch referred to as Nordschleife. This particular stretch is 13 miles and has a total of 150 turns with very little room for navigation. If it isn’t claustrophobic enough to be in a car, the roads have to add to the intensity as well!