15 Inventions You Didn’t Know You Needed Until Now

When we think of all the brilliant inventions in the world, what springs to mind? The automobile? The mobile telephone? The light bulb? These are all brilliant and life-changing innovations that have helped shape the face of modern society. But what about the little inventions that often slip under our collective radar?

Presented here are fifteen products that were – quite frankly – invented by pure geniuses. Honestly, when we look at this list, all we can think is how we ever managed to get along in society without these inventions. Prepare to add some more presents to your already-expansive Christmas wishlist.

Dripless Coffee Cup

Millions of people across the globe love nothing more than that first sip of coffee in the morning. But what people really don’t like (aside from getting up), are those annoying drips that collect on the underside of the mug.

This little innovation does away with that by simply catching any drips that fall south. No more ring stains on the table! Now you might be thinking that the addition of a coaster under said mug would be just as effective. Pfft! Obviously you’re not a coffee drinker. You see, the morning ritual of making a cup of coffee has no room in its agenda for the coaster.

Adding a coaster to the schedule is time wasted that could be better spent drinking our coffee. A dripless mug such as this is an ingenious device. Have we made our point yet? A coffee cup that catches those annoying drips could literally put makers of coasters out of business forever. Ah. Now we feel bad for people who make coasters.

Bag Re-Sealer

We’ve tried everything to keep food in bags fresh: rolling the top of the bag, clipping it closed with pegs, yelling verbal abuse at it. Nothing works and we end up with soggy Cheetos that we can’t bring ourselves to finish. But now with this thing, our Cheetos will stay crunchy and macho. So how does it work we hear you scream at your monitor (you are a loud bunch aren’t you)?

Initially we thought it worked a bit like a stapler, clipping the open bag closed with staples. Oh how wrong we were. Besides, that would make the re-sealer a pointless invention when compared to the…stapler. No, it works by heating the bag ever so slightly so it becomes airtight, encasing all the goodies inside the bag where no moisture can taint it. Whatever next? Maybe there’ll be some brilliant contraption that stops our hands from getting cold when we drink a can of Pepsi.

Oh wait…