15 Inspirational Quotes From Pinterest That Shouldn’t Be Taken Seriously

Mistakes Are Honorable

Based on this quote, a criminal who has spent his life killing or robbing is more honorable and useful than someone who hasn’t done anything.

Giving Up At The Wrong Time

Most people give up too late, not too early. The world is full of people who wished they gave up and moved on to the next sensible thing before their previous path consumed them. Those who gave up too early were never meant to succeed in the first place.

Better Things Ahead

What if you are a mountaineer who has just scaled Everest? Is it wrong to acknowledge the fact that sometimes our greatest accomplishment is behind us? What if you are an astronaut who has just been to space for the first time? No future experience will ever compare to the magnificence of that first voyage. Sometimes your past could be far, far, better than your future, but you have to proceed hoping that the future won’t be half bad.