15 Incredible Things That Have Actually Been Stolen

Unfortunately, theft is something that we have all had to get used to in our lives. Even though the vast majority of people will never steal anything, there are some who dedicate much of their time to taking things that don’t belong to them. These criminals will usually commit robberies that involve taking possessions like televisions, games consoles, electronic equipment or other valuables such as jewelry from houses. Occasionally organized gangs may target large businesses and steal more expensive items. This can include the likes of cars, industrial equipment or costly materials.

However, some thieves won’t limit themselves to the obvious targets. Instead they look to steal bizarre and weird things from all sorts of locations that most criminals would never dream to attempt to rob. This has led to a number of frankly strange robberies over the years, from the theft of huge vehicles to closely guarded works of art, that have left the public and those investigating completely baffled.

Boeing 727-223

In 2003, a Boeing 727-223 was stolen from the Quatro de Fevereiro Airport in Luanda, the capital city of Angola. The plane had been sitting idle for 14 months at the airport while IRS Airlines were preparing to convert it for public use once again. The FBI and CIA believe that two men were responsible, an American pilot and Republic of Congo mechanic, who boarded the Boeing 727-223 on May 25th. They then taxied to the runway before taking off without communicating with air traffic control. Neither the plane or any of the two suspects have ever been seen since.


While guns are stolen every day, the Department for Homeland Security has been responsible for the loss of hundreds of firearms in the last decade. According to reports by the organization, many officers reported losing their weapons after leaving them in public places such as fast food restaurants, bars and bowling alleys, allowing opportunistic thieves the chance to steal the unattended guns.

A Tank

On May 17th, 1995, Shawn Nelson drove to a National Guard Armory in California and entered the facility through an unlocked gate. After prying the hatches open on several tanks but failing to get them to start, he entered a M60A3 Patton tank and was able to get it running. He then went on a rampage through the streets of San Diego while being chased by police cars. Because the police force had no way of stopping a tank, they had considered requesting the use of a Cobra attack helicopter. However, they were able to stop Nelson when the tank became trapped on a concrete wall.