15 Hilarious Ways Babies Are Just Like Drunk People

Oh, the Places They’ll Go

You know how drunk people are unpredictable? One minute they’re in front of you and the next they’re gone. Babies are the same way and you never know where they’ll end up. And rest assured, when you find them (on a floor, on a bar top, in a coconut), they’ll look at you like you’re the crazy one.

Cry Easily

You know how drunk people cry easily? They can be reminiscing about their childhood best friend one minute and then their face schrivels up the next… followed by buckets of tears? Just like babies. Minus the reminiscing part.

That Was A Wall?

Wait, I didn’t see that! Yep, that’s usually what a drunk person thinks after bumping into a wall, or table, or well, basically any object or structure within a mile of them. And just like drunk people, babies seem to stumble, trip and wander into everything too.