10 Stunning And Creative 3D Drawings

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It is quite a challenge for artists to accurately depict space and dimensions. Understanding the visual structure of the world enables artists to add depth to their work and make their projects appear to be more life-like. There are many artists who have focused on creating three dimensional works that look extremely realistic despite being drawn on paper. These works require a special eye in order to be well executed. This list features 10 of the best three-dimensional works of art that are creative and stunning.

Playful Kitten

This kitten appears to be lying on its back and waiting for someone to play with its belly.

Mickey Sleeping

Mickey’s ears look extremely realistic and appear to be popping out of the page.


This piece of art seems to be creating itself.

Looking Back

This mouse seems to be observing us using a magnifying glass.

The Eiffel Tower

The magnificent dimensions of the Eiffel tower has been perfectly captured in this piece.

Depth Of Space

This beautiful piece has been created by a masterful artist who clearly understands the depth of space.

Red Rose

Only a fraction of the elephant’s trunk seems to be popping out of this piece to present us with a rose.

Breaking Through

This little girl is breaking through a surface of flowers to look back at us.

Wine Anyone?

A ghastly figure looks to be holding a very real glass in this piece.

Dancing Menace

A puppeteer is controlling a set of ghoulish skeletons as they dance menacingly