10 Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong All Your Life

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We are all in the habit of doing things everyday that we think are perfectly fine. Could you imagine that the things you do each day, without thinking, could be wrong? Just because you’ve been doing something for practically all your life, doing it the way your parents or friends taught you, doesn’t make it the right way. The following ten things most of us do everyday, without ever questioning whether it’s right or not, because why should we? We’ve been doing them for so long, we practically think there can’t be any better way than doing them — you’d be wrong.

Keeping Toothbrush In The Bathroom

Generally, people keep their toothbrush in the bathroom without realizing that chances are, it’s covered in fecal particles. When people flush with the lid open, viruses and bacteria from the toilet spray stay airborne long enough to settle on surfaces throughout their bathroom, including their toothbrush.

Directed Pushing

Directed pushing has been demonstrated to increase childbirth pain and perineal damage while also reducing the amount of oxygen that gets to the unborn baby. The World Health Organization suggests giving women the chance to move around during labor and alter their position according to what feels correct.

Cup Plunger And Flange Plunger

You are supposed to use a cup plunger for your sink and a flange plunger for your toilet. You should not use the cup plunger for both toilet and sink.

Eating Breakfast To Lose Weight

Eating breakfast does not help you reduce weight. However, earlier studies show that breakfast may influence metabolism and appetite.

In addition, eating food too quickly may disrupt your body’s natural chemical signals, leading you to consume more than you should, which could result in a higher risk of obesity.

Washing Hands

Just 5 percent of Americans wash their hands in the right way, therefore, there is a very good chance that you are doing this one wrong. The correct way to wash your hands is to rub your hands vigorously with water and soap for 20 seconds.

Drinking Water

Several people do not know the correct way of consuming water. According to doctors, one glass of water 30 minutes prior to meals helps improve the function of your digestive system. One glass of water prior to having a shower helps reduce blood pressure.

Rubbing Yourself Dry With A Towel

Rubbing yourself dry with your towel can make your dry skin worse and aggravate other skin problems. The correct way is to gently pat yourself down with your towel after a shower.


Nearly 70 million Americans are not sleeping in the right way and are at risk of altering their emotional stability, productivity, creativity, learning and memory. Some tips for improving your sleep include switching off your mobile phone, avoiding alcohol, caffeine and exercising close to your bed time.

Using Shampoo Frequently

If you are shampooing more than a few times per week, you may be stripping away necessary oils in your hair — known as sebum — and in fact making your hair greasier. As sebum (oil) is washed away, it causes your scalp’s oil glands to compensate by overproducing more sebum, giving your hair an oily consistency. Also, long hot showers can remove too much beneficial bacteria and dry out your skin.

Peanut Butter

Store your peanut butter upside down to keep it the perfect consistency. This way the oil distributes uniformly and keep the peanut butter tasty. Make sure to keep the lid tightly closed to prevent any leaks.