15 Facts You’ll Never Admit You Didn’t Know

Camel Humps Don’t Hold Water

People often think that camels are able to traverse the desert easily because their humps are storing water. In fact, those humps are made of body fat and should the camel go long enough without eating, they will flatten out.

Adam And Eve Might Have Eaten Somthing Besides An Apple

While most people believe that an apple is what caused all the trouble, the bible never specifically mentions that fruit. The story tells us they at some kind of fruit from the garden they weren’t supposed to but it doesn’t specifically say it was an apple.

Chocolate Kills Dogs

All dogs lovers want to give their puppies whatever they ask for, but they should know that if a dog eats chocolate they can die pretty painfully. Those who already knew chocolate isn’t good for dogs might not have known exactly why. It isn’t the milk or the caffeine that does it. Chocolate has theobromine, an alkaloid from the cocoa plant that dogs digest poorly and it eventually causes real health problems. Depending on the size of the dog, even a little chocolate can cause seizures, muscle tremors, hypothermia and kill them.