15 Cool, Crazy And Super Expensive Celebrity Beauty Treatments

La Creme – $13,200

Japanese beauty line Cle de Peau Beaute celebrated its 30th anniversary by launching a moisturizer that retails for about 8,500 British pounds per jar – equivalent to 13,300 US dollars. The creme is actually 5 times more expensive per-gram than gold.

‘La Creme’ as it is called, is encased in 30 layers of crystal and comes in collectible handmade jars that are each adorned with three platinum rungs.

The company chose Mamma Mia actress Amanda Seyfried as their brand ambassador.

Custom Fragrance – $25,000

Starting at $25,000, perfume company Krigler takes the concept of ‘signature scent’ to a whole new level. Based on personal preferences the company creates a custom fragrance for each customer using ingredients from all over the world.

The process takes about 6 months and once it is finished, you receive the fragrance in a handcrafted Petite Malle, custom-designed trunk containing the crystal bottle of perfume. The package also includes a travel bottle and two hidden drawers for your personal items.

Bee Venom Mask – $55,200

One bottle of Deborah Mitchell’s ‘Bee Venom Mask’ will set you back $55,200. Despite the name, the treatment is pain free – bee venom is diluted and used with just 1% of the entire bottle. The mask also consists of lavender oil, Shea butter and manuka honey. The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton has been reportedly using this treatment for years in order to maintain her radiant skin.