10 Things That Are The Last Of Their Kind

The rate at which technology is growing in the world today is quite baffling. We find it increasingly difficult to actually keep up with this rate of growth. An inevitable repercussion of this situation is the proportionate rate of obsoletion. As the world marches forward from one decade to the next, it is bound to leave few things behind. There are many things in the world that are nearly extinct or haven’t existed in some time now. There are also many things that have only one remaining survivor in the particular category. Here is a list of 10 things that are down to the last of its kind.

Last Studio Making Hand-Made Globes

Globes are pretty much a necessity in every classroom of every school in the world. The educational tool is so vital now, that it is impossible to make the globes by hand, the way they used to decades ago. Now the Bellerby and Co. Globemakers are the only remaining studio to make their globes by hand. If you ever need one, you can visit their studio in London.

Last Male Northern White Rhino

Nearly a thousand sub-species of plants and animals go extinct on a daily basis. The alarming rate at which the evolutionary axe drops requires special attention, especially when it comes to certain species. Sudan is the last remaining male northern White Rhino in the world. He spent the first 35 years of his life in the Czech Republic zoo but was transferred to Ol Pejeta, Kenya, when authorities were notified that he is the last of his kind. He now has a special guard who looks after him everyday.