15 Awesome Sci-Fi Technologies That Actually Exist

Most of us have likely come across awesome concepts of technology in works of science fiction, whether films or books. These concepts often provide a sense of awe or something curious to ponder. “How cool!” we might think, or “Wow! That would be so amazing to have!” But the truth is, especially these days, is that these works of fiction may not be so far off! Currently there is a plethora of technology being developed that seem to be stolen directly from the realm of science fiction. Read on to discover these new technologies, and once you do, you’ll start to look at the future in a whole new light.

Optical Camouflage

Ahhh! One of the most sought after superhero powers of all time. Optical camouflage, or invisibility cloaks do actually exist, and they function by essentially bending light around the cloth’s wearer. The wearer doesn’t become completely rendered, but highly translucent and ghost-like.

Smart Contact Lenses

Google has developed “Smart Contact Lenses”. These new lenses (which will be available in another 4-5 years) don’t actually grant the wearer some super-advanced vision; rather, the lenses will be able to measure blood glucose levels, making them highly useful for diabetics and athletes.


This new metal might give Hank Rearden from Atlas Shrugged a run for his money. Modumetal is lighter and ten-times stronger than steel. This nano-laminated alloy is already being applied to military vehicles and is expected to be eventually used in almost everything.