14 Pro Wrestlers Whose Lives Fell Apart

The British Bulldogs

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Widely considered one of the best tag-teams in the history of wrestling, The British Bulldogs had considerable success in WWE. Made up of Davey Boy Smith and the Dynamite Kid, the pair both suffered serious health problems from their time in professional wrestling. Smith died as a result of a heart attack aged just 39, with suggestions that his abuse of steroids could have been a major contributor. Meanwhile the Dynamite Kid is now severely disabled due to the large number of back and leg injuries he sustained, leaving him unable to walk.

Hulk Hogan

Although Hulk Hogan is arguably the most famous professional wrestler of all time, he has suffered significant hardships during his career. While earning vast sums of money during the peak of his fame, Hogan lived a lavish lifestyle wasting millions of dollars. He also went through a devastating divorce that saw his ex-wife awarded around 70% of his assets. Luckily for Hogan, he has since been able to recover and rebuild his finances thanks to new roles in WWE and a string of semi-successful businesses.