10 Of The Sexiest Women Working In Politics

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Politics is a world that is dominated by men. There are very few women involved in ruling countries as they generally have limited roles in government. Thankfully, recent advances have made it more possible for females to make it as politicians, giving rise to prominent women in roles in parliaments and congresses around the world. While many of them have proved that you don’t need a pretty face to make it in the cut-throat arena that they occupy as politicians, a great deal of them still rock stunning bodies and are incredibly attractive.

Lucy Torres

It is not unusual in the Philippines for many of the leading politicians to be from the entertainment industry. Their fame and wealth gives them a distinct advantage over many others who want to gain a position in government and Lucy Torres is no exception to this practice. The former model and actress was elected to the fourth district of Leyte as a Congresswoman.

Luciana Leon

The daughter of a well-known politician in her home country, Luciana Leon became General Secretary of a youth party at the age of just 14 and was seemingly always likely to go into politics in some way in adulthood. After gaining a law degree from the University of Lima she became a Congresswoman and continues in that role to this day.

Orly Levy

As a member of the Knesset, Israel’s own version of parliament, Orly Levy is carrying on a tradition in her family of serving as a politician. With several members of her family having made a career in politics, the 42-year-old was always destined to follow in their footsteps after a successful stint as a model and TV personality.

Maria Carfagna

Maria Carfagna has been well established as one of the sexiest politicians in the world, having won numerous awards from magazines such as Maxim. Having had a successful career as a television actress, the Italian decided on a career in government and joined the Forza Italian party.

Angela Gerekou

Angela Gerekou has been active in politics since 1980 and despite her age is still widely considered one of the hottest politicians in the world. Before a career in government, the Greek born woman had a brief movie career and a job in architecture. Her highlight as a politician came when she served as vice minister of Ministry of Culture and Sport.

Julia Bonk

Julia Bonk has become a well-known figure in Germany not only because she stands out as a politician for her beauty but also because she entered government at just 18 years of age. Having always been interested in politics, the 29-year-old became the youngest ever member of the German parliament.

Eva Kaili

Eva Kaili was a high profile news presenter on television in Greece before she eventually moved in politics. The 37-year-old became a member of the Hellenic Parliament in 2007 and stayed in office until 2012, while she assumed office in the European Parliament for Greece in 2014.

Vera Lischka

Vera Lischka started off in life as a professional swimmer, representing Austria at the Olympics in Atlanta in 1996. This reputation as an accomplished sportswoman gave her a good platform to launch a career in serving the public and the swimming champion joined the Upper Austrian parliament in 2003.

Anna Maria Galojan

Although she was initially one of the most popular and important political figures in her native Estonia for several years, Anna-Maria Galojan was forced out of a promising career when she was involved in an embezzlement trial. She is now serving a prison sentence after being extradited from London, while she had previously posed for Playboy in 2009.

Alina Kabaeva

After a successful career in gymnastics, in which Alina Kabaeva was able to represent Russia at the Olympics and win a gold medal, the 32-year-old has since moved into politics. Following her retirement she entered the Public Chamber of Russia and from 2007 operated as a State Deputy duma for the ruling United Russia party.