14 Family Photos That Will Definitely Make You Cringe

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Every family is unique and special in its own way. However, it’s a known fact that no family out there is perfect, no matter how much yours pretends to be. Luckily, we’ve found some proof that you aren’t the only ones with something to hide. These unfortunate photos just so happen to catch some families in their darkest moments, whether intentional or not. No matter how embarrassing, at least we can all get a few laughs out of these good ol’ family portraits!

When Dad is Not Amused

Everybody likes a goofy picture! They’re the only kind that can capture a family’s true colors. Now we get to see that of the Dad… black.

Buried Alive

What a cute family, right? But then you see the poor human being sat on, and match her with the smug look on the baby’s face, and realize not everything is as innocent as it seems.

Gross, Cooties!

Mom and Dad seem to be having a great time with the family pictures. The four kids? Not so much. It’s almost like they can see what’s going on behind them…

Wear Plaid Together, Stay Together

We don’t know what the best part of this picture is. First, there is the obvious: the awful plaid shirt sported by each family member, matched with the bright orange turtle necks. Then there’s the older kid. Boy? Girl? With that haircut, it’s anybody’s guess. And then there’s the littlest girl, with an expression of gold.

The Mask

If you only cut that one kid out, this would be a pretty cute picture. There’s always that one, though.

Man’s Best Friend

Pets are family too, right? Baby dolls, however, we aren’t so sure about.

Joy To The World

While these kids look adorable, they are certainly not joyful. Hopefully they did better in a later take.

When You See It…

Well, we know what this family’s dog thinks about his owners.

Mrs. Doubtfire

We all miss Robin Williams, but maybe this dad took it a little too far.

Cry Me A River

So many great faces are hidden inside this picture. Up in the front, of course, is a little boy outraged about the entire picture-taking business. Then, there’s the kid on the far right, who looks a bit too calm to be normal.

Looks Like Someone Didn’t Jump

We aren’t sure what happened here, but the result is great. Mom and big sis seem rather oblivious to the fact that little blondie is about to get a little sandy.

It’s A Horse. It’s A Man. Nope… It’s Dad.

We aren’t sure which is better: the centaur costume, or the money tucked outside Daddy’s armband.

When Dogs Attack

Apparently this family thought it was more important to hold their smiles and get the picture right, rather than go to the aid of their son under attack. Otherwise, they were just really happy about it, which is even more disturbing.

Woman Down!

Looks like not everybody had the energy for this last take.