13 Ways To Reduce Food Waste

Everybody wants to be a good global citizen and do their part to save the planet, but it all sounds a bit hard doesn’t it? It does when you look at it on a large scale, but all it takes is everyone doing their part in their own home. It just comes down to common sense and getting into some good habits. The added bonus of reducing food waste in your home is that you can also save cash as well, so the sooner you start saving the planet, the sooner you’ll save some dollars.

Plan Meals Ahead

Do a ‘big’ shop once a week, and plan out your menu in advance. Sounds boring, and it does take a while to get into the hang of “What am I going to feel like eating on Wednesday?” type of mind-set. But you can make it fun by having a menu board at home to write up the meals to choose from. This way, you will only purchase what you need for the week, and not be tempted to buy ingredients that you may not use and will sit there expiring or taking up space in your pantry or fridge. This has the added bonus of saving you cash in the long run. If you’re not keen to do a big shop, a couple of smaller shopping trips during the week will also be of benefit as long as you remember the golden rules of grocery shopping: write a list, and don’t go to the supermarket hungry!

Regular Clean Outs

Cleaning out the fridge and the pantry are generally jobs that have to wait until we’re procrastinating about something else (like writing reports) but it’s something you should get into the habit of regularly. If you’re going to do a big shop each week or so, make it a habit to clean these out before you write your list. You’ll know what you actually need, instead of duplicating what you can’t find in the back of the pantry, and some items may inspire your menu. When cleaning and when putting your groceries away, put the perishable items where they can be clearly seen – such as at eye level or the front of the shelf – so you know they need to be used sooner rather than later. This will also stop those funky smells that fridges can be known for!