12 Ways To Annoy People On Planes

Confuse The Cabin Staff

You may not have any particular dietary requirements, but the cabin crew don’t know that! Watch them scatter as you ask for a Paleo meal, insisting that you told the airline about it when you booked. When they finally bring you a big pile of steak, complain that it’s cold so they can start all over again. You’ll get very hungry doing this, but the annoyance factor from your fellow passengers while you take up all the crew’s time will be huge!

After Dinner Treat

After you’ve finally finished your high maintenance meal, don’t wait for the cabin crew to come around and collect trays – just pop your tray in the aisle! Given how many passengers they cram into planes these days, it will be a while before the crew can get a chance to come and pick it up. In the meantime, you’ll be entertained by the slapstick comedy of your fellow passengers slipping over on or trying to avoid your half eaten meal.

Sit Back And Relax

Now that you’ve annoyed the guy next to you for a few hours, it’s time to get some well earned rest. Remember, you can’t completely relax until you’ve gotten those shoes and socks off, so whip them away and prop them up on the seat in front of you or against the bulkhead so that scent can waft all the way through economy. If you can get them near someone’s face, double points! Don’t be afraid to cram them in between the seats in front of you to annoy people you can’t even see. And, ask yourself, can you really relax with those pants on?