12 Female Celebrities Who Look Great With Any Hair Color

One of the most exciting parts of being an actress (or musician) is getting to embody different personas through the use of costumes, makeup, and hairstyles. Unlike the rest of us, for whom dramatic changes in appearance take too much effort to happen frequently, celebrities have access to dedicated teams of professionals who can completely change their looks for a particular role or event. It isn’t always the most natural-looking effect. However, the 12 ladies below haven’t yet struck upon a hair color that doesn’t flatter them. See if you can choose a favorite!

Emma Stone

We all fell in love with her as a redhead in Easy A, but in the years since, Emma’s proved that she looks just as cute and charming as a blonde or brunette.

Rachel McAdams

In Mean Girls she fooled us into thinking she was a natural blonde, and then did the same with red hair in The Notebook. By the time Wedding Crashers rolled around, we realized Rachel looks naturally beautiful with any color hair.