11 Disgusting Habits We All Have

You’re disgusting, you just don’t know it yet. We have all sorts of habits that are infested with germs, dirt and grime. Some seem like fairly common dealings to even friendly gestures. Don’t be fooled, there are all sorts of nasty illnesses and germs that humans can contract just from not paying attention and washing their hands or belongings. Here are eleven examples of daily habits we all have but fail to notice just how nasty they actually are. By avoiding these points or properly sanitizing, you might avoid getting sick from the germs hidden in plain sight.


Ladies, don’t share your make-up. It might be a friendly gesture but think about it for a second. All the grime, grease, germs and dirt from somebody’s face is mixing in with your brushes or other cosmetics. In fact, you should probably start cleaning out your brushes now.

Brushing Teeth

Brushing your teeth is very important to your hygiene so please don’t stop! However, there are some elements around your toothbrush that will turn stomachs. First off, all the germs from your mouth are gathered on the brush and are simply rinsed off quickly. The remaining saliva runs down the brush and likely into your toothbrush holder. Furthermore, just a few feet away is likely the toilet which can spray germs out after flushing.


I bet you didn’t expect to see money at this point on our list. Physical cash is exchanged all over and we’ve all got different bills and coins in our possession that have been struck decades ago. Think of how many people touched and used that bill. Furthermore, your credit cards are also dirty, since we use them to swipe and activate ATM machines.