10 Baby T-Shirts That Are Hilarious

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When you think of the word cute, your mind immediately goes to a baby or a puppy. That is because babies are universally adorable and everything they do seems like a display of pure joy. Parents, along with t-shirt manufacturers, have found a way to make babies even more adorable, something that no one thought was even possible. They have begun to dress up babies in funny t-shirts that heighten their cuteness levels substantially. Here is a list of 10 baby t-shirts that are absolutely hilarious.

Daddy’s Lil Squirt

We have all heard the expression daddy’s lil’ squirt many times before. Seeing the visual representation of this expression is another thing altogether.

Insert Titty Here

For all the new mothers out there, this helpful t-shirt gives you detailed instructions on the gentle art of breastfeeding.

Must Be Adopted

Isn’t it weird that sometimes the parents looks totally normal but the baby looks extremely adorable? This t-shirt seems to have a good explanation for that phenomenon.

What’s For Dinner?

You must always have people asking you what you feed your new-born, considering how the rules of what you should and shouldn’t feed your child keep changing constantly. This t-shirt is a guaranteed way of keeping those questions off the table.

Hard Times

Whenever you wonder why babies cry so much, just think about where they spent their last nine months! A hole that small can even make a grown man weep.

Party Hardy

Most grown-ups are proud of the fact that they drink till they puke when they go on benders. They forget that babies do this all the time.

I Void Warranties

This t-shirt is an easy way of washing your hands off any trouble the next time your child ruins something valuable in your friend’s home.

My First Jackson Pollock

This is an absolutely killer idea for a t-shirt. Now the mess on your child’s shirt won’t look like mess, it will look like an early attempt at recreating Jackson Pollock’s work.

Mommy Drinks Because I Cry

Everyone must have encountered the mom who drinks just a tad too much at dinner parties. Little did you know that there is a very good reason behind that.

I Heart Teddy

An awesome t-shirt that uses wordplay to make your child seem adorable, while making you seem intellectual. Win-win!