10 World Heritage Sites That You Need To Visit

There are many places across our planet that truly deserve to be preserved. The rate of our development has endangered a lot of things around us, which is why UNESCO grants a special status to any cultural or natural location that is extremely valuable. These are known as heritage sites and they will be preserved by a special body for a very long time. There are many such beautiful heritage sites around the world, and this list features 10 of the best ones.

Iguazu Falls, Brazil

The Iguazu falls in Brazil is one of the best waterfalls in the world and sees the second highest flow of water annually after the Niagara falls.

Geyser Basins, Wyoming

The Geyser Basins in Yellowstone park is home to over 10,000 hot-springs. You can also see the world’s tallest geyser here along with some truly unique and colorful ones.