10 Wild Animals That Are Legal Pets

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Owning a pet has a lot of various benefits: they reduce a lot of stress, they can be our protectors and the protectors of our households, and they can reduce depression in those suffering from it. People with disabilities also benefit, as they make their lives so much easier and more fulfilling. Most people opt for a cat or a dog, but some people go a step beyond the norm and buy themselves an endangered species or a wild animal. The following 10 wild animals are legal to keep as a pet, but maybe you shouldn’t, just in case.

Squirrel Monkeys

Squirrel Monkeys are insanely adorable, but they are not known for being the cleanest or nicest of monkey species. They use their own urine to wash, for instance, which makes them rather smelly. They are still legal as pets, though.

Emperor Scorpions

Emperor Scorpions sound dangerous and are rather intimidating, and that is because they truly are. They are not the best when it comes to handling, though they are quiet and rather clean as a pet. And though they are not poisonous, the Emperor Scorpion is still painful.


Bears are known for having such insane strength and a massive appetite for meat of almost any kind. They have been known to attack human beings in the wild, and break into homes often. However, people can keep them as pets in their own homes, too.


Genets are known carnivores, and they are quite limber and capable of climbing to high points on their homes and outdoors. Their features include long, thin bodies with retractable claws and large ears. They are new, in terms of pets, but still dangerous.


Degus are pretty social animals, at least as social as a wild animal can become, but need to be handled from an early age if you want them to be friendly around people. They are playful, but can be aggressive and a bit neurotic, too.


Bobcats are dangerous, but people can legally own one as a pet. They are beautiful creatures, but tend to catch and eat their pray alive, which has included humans at one point or another in their lifetime. Be warned.


If anyone ever needs a reason to not own a wild animal as a pet, then the alligator is definitely it. They are dangerous, violent, apex hunters who can weigh over 1,000 pounds and are known for consuming the flesh of people who get in their way.


Wolves are some of the most dangerous and highly aggressive beasts in the wild, but some people keep them as pet. You need to get them from an early age, though, that way loyalty and friendship can be instilled on them young.


Tigers are, hands down, some of the coolest animals in the entire world. Mike Tyson owns one as a pet, and so could you. They are extremely dangerous, and also extremely expensive. Tiger numbers are also dropping drastically throughout the world.


You need a ton of space if you intend to keep an elephant as a pet. They can feast on anywhere from 200 to 600 pounds worth of food in a single day alone, which will get costly in a matter of, oh, say one day. 300 people are killed every year by elephants, too.