10 Weirdest Lawsuits From Around the World

Do you know that civil lawsuits cost the United States economy over US $200 billion dollars annually? Amazingly, 6 out of 10 lawsuits are frivolous. Do you know that these lawsuits are clogging up the judicial system and costing you, taxpayers, a lot of money? Amazingly, this pandemic doesn’t just happen in USA. It’s a problem from around the world, too!

‘Frivolous lawsuits’ are lawsuits filed for the intention of merely harassing or annoying the sued party. Many cases are pretty pointless and ridiculous, made just to make some money out of individuals, corporations and businesses. It is amazing how every so often, we see news of frivolous and weird lawsuits slapped to companies or people. It’s amazing to see how many people out there are so stupid and greedy. These cases makes you think less of humanity and want to give yourself a facepalm.

Here are 10 of the weirdest lawsuits from around the world proving the judicial system is screwed.

Inaccurate Footlong Claims

So let’s start with a substantial amount of silly lawsuits: Great United States of America, of course!

A man from New Jersey who alleges he eats 50 Subway footlong sandwiches a year is now suing the food chain, after realizing that the sandwiches were really just 11 inches!

Man Sues Wife over Ugly Child

A Chinese man started asking questions when his beautiful wife gave birth to an ‘incredible ugly baby’. Jian Feng demanded answers, and thought the wife had an affair. The wife admitted she had undergone extensive $100,000 cosmetic surgery before meeting him. Horrified, the husband divorced and sued his wife for damages, claiming his wife tricked him to marriage on false pretenses.

Amazingly, Chinese court felt sympathetic and he was granted $120,000.