10 Biggest Data Breaches And Hacks

Never assume that the information you plug into the internet is safe from anyone to access. Usernames, passwords, and even credit card numbers are all vulnerable, but luckily nearly all websites today have implemented encryption to keep that information from being exposed even if they are hacked. It happens frequently, even to the major websites, and it’s a good lesson to always use different usernames and passwords for each website. Since we have so many websites we log into today, there’s apps that can help with storing passwords. Here are some of the worst online data breaches the internet has ever faced.

Yahoo! Japan

22 million usernames were leaked in 2013 as a result of hacking. The website was able to shut down in time before any more information was released, meaning that passwords weren’t released with the logins.


Similar to an eBay shop in South Korea, hackers took personal information in 2008 and held it at ransom. The website didn’t cooperate, which led to data being released publicly. Auction didn’t even acknowledge the issue until 24 hours after the events.