10 Weird And Crazy Laws From Iowa

Iowa is widely considered as a famous flyover state in the United States. That’s actually not true — there’s more than just corn, cows, and country music playing. Some famous celebrities such as Johnny Carson, Elijah Wood, and Tom Arnold all came from the Hawkeye State. Olympic gold medal gymnast Shawn Johnson and NFL quarterback Kurt Warner also were born in raised in the Midwestern state. Whether they realized it or not, all of them had to deal with some pretty stupid laws. Here are some of the best ones that we found still in the rule book.

Horses Can’t Eat Fire Hydrants

Apparently fire hydrants are a delicacy for animals in Marshalltown, Iowa. We don’t really understand what’s so attractive about something a dog pees on, but now it makes sense that cows eat lightposts (they don’t really, but it wouldn’t surprise us if they did).

Ministers Can’t Move Wine Out Of Iowa

Looking to get away for a while and bringing the Blood of Christ with you? Only if that vacation spot is within state lines. Otherwise, you’d better keep that holy drink at home.