10 Unique Bookshelf Designs For Any Bookworm

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A bookshelf should be the centerpiece of the home area for any bookworm! In our days people often tend to turn to the internet for information and some prefer reading eBooks or even listen to audio versions. Nevertheless there are still people who love that distinct smell of the paperback book. Whether it would be a new one or a dusty old one, the book can help you dive into new worlds and experience new array of emotions that you’ve never thought possible. If you are one for these books, you simply have to put them in a creative corner of your home, where they would reside with intelligent glamour. Having that in mind here are 10 extremely creative bookshelf designs to spark your inspiration and imagination and help you out on your way of turning your house into a book-loving museum!

The Hanging Books

An awesome bookshelf, this is also a great DIY project, which can be done for cheap. The awesome idea is extremely terrific!

The Equation Bookshelf

If you are the science-y type, then you’d surely appreciate this creative bookcase. Those of you who are familiar with programming or math will know that this bookshelf represents the syntax of an equation. Awesome!

The Lounge Bookshelf

A true art piece, this lounge bookshelf is perfect for your leisure readings. It will not only give you enough space for your books, but it will also bring you comfort!

Has Been Read/Will Be Read

A furniture piece perfect for anyone who loves reading books, this creative bookshelf also helps you keep track of what you’ve already read and what you are about to read.

The Bookcase Chair

An extravagant piece for every book-lover, this chair is able to hold all of your favorite books and magazines. It is also quite comfortable!

The Tree Bookshelf

Inspired by nature itself, this unusual bookshelf is a true masterpiece. Perfect for any room!

The Invisible Bookcase

Truly an inspiring bookcase, this invisible bookshelf can easily be achieved at home with the help of a few tools. The perfect cheap project for any bookworm that is also a DIY enthusiast.

The Dream/Thought Design

For those of you who prefer a rather more simplistic, yet extravagant and creative design, this dream/thought bookcase is definitely the right choice for you!

The Lamp Bookshelf

Designed by Tembolat Gugkaev this unique bookshelf is not only designed to look like a question mark, but it also serves the purpose of being an extremely cool night lamp. Perfect for any book worm, this bookcase lights a light-bulb in your head every time you have a question!

The Movement Design

If you want to bring your books to life, you can turn to this unique bookcase, which is designed by Sungmin Hong. It truly embraces your books in a whole new way!