10 Of The Strangest Snakes On The Planet

There are currently around 3,000 different species of snakes in the entire world; and some of them have barely changed their original appearance since the time of the dinosaurs, though they have adapted to new lifestyles and ecosystems. Despite their evolution, some of them remain quite bizarre. Most people recognize a snake when it slithers past them, but these ones will make you stop and scratch your head for a moment. Here are ten most unusual and shocking snakes ever.

Elephant Trunk Snake

The Elephant Trunk Snake is a weird one found only in Indonesia, and it received its name due to the unusual skin it has across its entire body. The skin is wrinkled and slightly baggy, making it appear similar to the trunk of an Elephant.

Tentacled Snake

The Tentacled Snake is an aquatic species from southeastern Asia, and is the last surviving species of the genus. They have strange tentacles sprouting from their snouts, which gives them their name. These tentacles allow them to register movement in the water around them.