10 Unfortunate Stories Of People Forced Into Exile

While some of us live in the comforts of a democratic society, where we have free speech and equal rights, many are not so lucky. In countries all over the world, people are arrested, beaten and even killed if they dare to attempt to fight for basic human rights. While some quietly sit back in fear of death, others have decided to risk everything so that they can have a better life for themselves and their families. However, there are often repercussions to these actions. Here are 10 unfortunate stories of people forced into exile.

Son Jung-hun Exiled From North Korea

Son Jung-hun was accused of stealing 10,000 dollars. Knowing what his fate would be if found guilty and placed in North Korea’s infamous prison camps, he fled to South Korea. When he left, his family and friends paid the price; his brother was executed and his girlfriend and co-workers were punished.

Over a decade later, after facing years of discrimination and indifference in South Korea, the defector surprisingly wants to return to his homeland and accept his fate.

He says “I know that harsh punishment awaits me but the message I send to the South Korean government is worth my life.”

Miguel Littin Exiled From Chile

Film director Miguel Littin fled Chile in 1973 after a new dictator, General Augusto Pinochet was elected, and instituted a reign of terror on the country.

He spent decades from his homeland due to the threat of death if he should return. So, in 1985 Litten disguised as a Uruguayan businessman obtained a false passport from the Chilean resistance.

He spent weeks training himself out of his Chilean accent and even hired a female to play his wife. He finally made it across the border, but a slip-up with his accent almost led to his arrest and torture.

With the help of film crews under the guise of making a movie to promote tourism, Miguel secretly put together a film that would tell the truth about Pinochet’s benighted Chile.

The director later recounted his escapades to novelist Garcia Marquez, who published the book titled, Cladestine in Chile: The Adventures of Miguel Litten.