10 Strange Hobbies You Could Pick Up Today

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Every single person on this planet has their own special hobby that they enjoy performing when there is no work to be done and no more responsibility to tackle for the rest of the day. Our spare time, as adults, is generally loaded down with social interactions or what little of a hobby we tend to keep, despite our hectic work lives and family responsibilities. Most people pick up a pretty standard hobby, like fixing old cars, playing video games, reading, or even crocheting. Then you have those who opt for something a little more bizarre, a bit more untraditional in terms of what we’re used to. Here are ten uncanny hobbies you could pick up today.

Playing Dead

For some bizarre reason, there are entire sects of people who spend their spare time playing dead and taking photos or videos of themselves for their own amusement and that of other people. It is weird, and sometimes hilarious.


The art of cosplay has taken massive strides in the past few years, what with all of the conventions and gathering possible around the country. Dressing as your favorite comic, anime, or video game character has never been so easy.

Duct Tape Art

There are a lot of artists in the world creating their picture perfect piece by throwing paint at a canvas. Then there are some who prefer to use duct tape in order to create their own versions of artwork. Duct tape is plentiful, too.

Extreme Ironing

Extreme ironing has popped up as both an intense sport and a hobby all in one. People have taken pictures and video of themselves climbing mountains, surfing, or riding on top of moving vehicles while ironing clothes.

Fork Bending

There are some people who swear they can bend forks and spoons using only their mind. In fact, these people have come together as one to form their own hobby and community. Apparently it only takes intense concentration to bend cutlery.

Nail Collecting

No, not those types of nails. Some people have started their very own toenail or fingernail collections at a very early age. It is a weird hobby, and one that most people probably won’t be picking up anytime soon, thankfully.

Condom Collecting

This is another hobby that doesn’t seem too appealing to the masses. Some people have posted videos on YouTube of their massive collections of, thankfully, unused condoms stored in drawers and containers. They pry won’t ever use them either.

Bedhead Documentation

Negse, a Japanese designer, started documenting his very own bed head every single morning as nothing more than a hobby. It has been over ten years since he began. He even has his own technique to get the very best bedhead.

Crayon Carvings

Okay, this one is pretty impressive. Some talented people will willingly carve crayons up and create various sculptures from them. Often times, however, they use their very own fingernails to carve the crayons, which is weird.

Eating Inedible Things

It is unclear whether this is just a hobby or some type of mental illness, but some groups of people enjoy eating inedible objects, including paper and metal. This particular hobby can be deadly and detrimental to your health.