10 Nature Photographs You Have To See To Believe

One of the very best ways for most people to get up-close-and-personal with nature these days is to witness the beauty that is Mother Nature in photographs. Professional photographers manage to capture some of the most awe-inspiring and impressive photos of wildlife and plants that the world has ever seen. Not everyone has the opportunity to travel to remote locations across the world, so it’s nice to get a look at everything that is out there with a simple picture. It takes skill and precision timing to capture a hummingbird drinking from a pool of water, or a lightning storm inside an erupting volcano. Here are ten nature photographs you really need to see.

Kingfisher Dive

The Kingfisher is an impressive bird specimen known for reaching speeds of up to 25 miles per hour. They fly relatively small distances at a time, and dive into the water to catch their prey.

Fish Whirlpool

It takes a massive number of fish to complete a magnificent whirlpool. This photo was taken in Cabo Pulma, which is considered a threatened wildlife habitat today.

Tanzanian Pride

What more can be said about the sheer power and impressiveness that stems from a pride of wild lions in Tanzania.

Lightning Volcanoes

When you combine lightning with an erupting volcano you ensure the most impressive photograph taken in the past decade. The lighting alone is simply atmospheric and perfect.

Cedar Lake Tadpoles

Tadpoles are just the initial part of the circle of life. These little creatures will one day grow into croaking frogs.

Orangutan in the Rain

This small orangutan was using a massive taro leaf to shelter himself from the pouring rain. Andrew Suryono took this photo in Bali just before putting his camera away for the day.

Blue Hole

Blue holes are notorious for their underwater caverns. There is something creepy and foreboding about exploring one, but they are magnificent all the same.

Icecap Waterfalls

Most people imagine melting ice caps to actually be crumbling into the ocean, but these icecap waterfalls are the perfect imagery for the melting ice.

Siberian Ice Grotto

Siberia is a cold place, and this ice grotto is even colder. The ice over Lake Bakhil is quite precarious, making this image both dangerous and beautiful.

Snoqualmie Pass, Washington

Snoqualmie Pass, WA, is a wondrous area. Photographers devote entire years to capturing photographs like this here. The evening light outside of Seattle eminates up into the sky perfectly.