10 Unbelievable Animal Camouflages That Will Make You Look Twice

Animals have evolved in far more ways than human kind could ever imagine. Some animals have the complete capability of becoming essentially invisible in order to hide from a predator. These animals live very dangerous lives out in the wild, so it makes sense that they would want to remain hidden away from the most dangerous creatures in the world. Here are ten unbelievable animal camouflages we truly wish we could use ourselves, and you’ll probably have to look twice at most of these pictures.

Baron Caterpillar

The Baron Caterpillar can only be found throughout India and Southeast Asia, and those searching will have to look very hard. These 4mm-long caterpillars are known for turning almost completely invisible. Their spikes mask their entire bodies, making them appear like part of a leaf.

Merlet’s Scorpionfish

Merlet’s Scorpionfish goes by many names, but the color is what truly makes them standout amongst the marine world. These fish have an innumerable amount of tentacles and skin flaps, making it oddly shaped. These appendages also make them look similar to floating debris or shrubbery.