10 Truly Unique Underwater Structures That Really Exist

A lot of futuristic fiction portrays life underwater where we’re surrounded by beautiful marine life. While this may seem unbelievable, there are many subaquatic structures throughout the world today. Of course, these did need a lot of special engineering, and architectural design work to create. Nonetheless, they are as functional as any other building in the world today. With this in mind, here’s a sneak peek at some of the most unusual and interesting ones.


US Submarine Structures is a company that builds extravagant underwater homes known as the H2OME. These are surface pressurized houses that sit 60-feet down on the seabed. They have two floors with two bedrooms, a lounge, dining room, and more than 300 square feet of space. There’s even a special feeding mechanism to encourage wildlife to come near your home. The downside is that a H2Ome costs $10 million.

Jules’ Undersea Lodge

Here is a one of a kind, underwater hotel. Built in the 1970’s and located in the United States, this was originally a submerged marine lab by the name of La Chalupa. Operated by Ian Koblick, there are two bedrooms, a bathroom, and some living space. In order to stay here you must be PADI certified since you have to scuba dive to the building. There is also staff available around the clock to prepare meals or deliver chocolates or flowers.