10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Hulk

Bruce Banner Was Once Named David Banner

In the comics, the alter ego of The Hulk was Bruce Banner. When the franchise made the jump to the small screen, some changes were made the name. The titular character was renamed David Banner, and the reasoning behind it is still a mystery. The show’s executive producer claimed that it was changed due to the fact that most people don’t have alliterative names, but rumors about the true reason began to spread. It is believed that Hollywood executives believed that ‘Bruce Banner’ sounded homosexual. Johnson denied the claims, but both Stan Lee and Lou Ferrigno have confirmed it on multiple occasions.

Hulk Was Originally Grey

Believe it or not, but the intended color of the Hulk was meant to be grey. However, due to printer issues, the color of the Hulk was never consistent throughout the comic panels. Hulk would appear black, dark grey, light grey, so Stan Lee made the decision to go with a different color. Green was very printer friendly, so Lee decided that the Hulk would be green going forward. It’s hard to imagine the character as any other color. The grey version of the Hulk would eventually return as the character Joe Fixit.