10 Terrifying Dinosaurs We’re Glad Aren’t Alive Now

For 135 million years, dinosaurs remained the largest creatures to ever inhabit our planet. Some of these dinosaurs managed to reach lengths of 190 feet and heights of over 30 feet, making them towering monstrosities ready to tackle almost any piece of prey they came across. It isn’t hard to come to the conclusion that if they were around today, dinosaurs would surely rule the entire planet, with humanity living in fear of their wrath. There are plenty of terrifying dinosaurs, but these ten surely take the crown for being the scariest.


The Gorgosaurus was a type of tyrannosaurid theropod that lived within western North America in the Late Cretaceous Period. The bipedal dinosaur was over two tons as an adult, and was considered an apex predator.


The Kronosaurus was named after the leader of the Greek Titans, Cronus, which should give you some idea of how terrifying this oceanic beast was. Measuring around 30 to 33 feet in length, an elongated head and stiff body with four flippers ensured it was fast in the water. The long, sharp teeth ensured it could chomp down anything.